Gossip Girl

December 2, 2008

1) I hate V.  A LOT.  And what’s with Little J being all evil again?  I can’t keep track of whether I’m supposed to like her or not, but anything is better than whiney, self-righteous V.

2)  B.  Is her hair perfect?  I think it just might be.

3)  Surely a reunion is on the cards for S and D… they were adorably awkward together tonight.  But what would that mean for R. and L?  I kind of like R and L better… I must be getting OLD

4) Don’t have any clue what I’m on about because you’re an Australian without Foxtel?  Don’t worry!  Gossip Girl starts tomorrow (Wednesday) night on Channel 9 at 10:30pm, starting at the beginning.  It’s a classic from the get-go, you will get hooked, and it’s worth staying up.


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