Extra-special Sufjan Love of the Week PLUS KANYE

December 4, 2008

On Saturday night, Kanye West is playing in Sydney.

I get a lot of crap for liking Kanye, from both my friends who are defenders of “indie cred” and my friends who are strictly commercial radio types. Both see it as inconsistent, I guess, that I like Sufjan and Kanye at the same time.

Well, I shall show you! Check out this incredibly fantastic mashup of Kanye’s Jesus Walks and Sufjan’s The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us. Check it out

By the way, Kanye’s claims that he’s the voice of our generation? I think he’s right. His music has been really important. Seriously, think about how many really great songs he’s written, the stuff he’s produced. It’s musically amazing and culturally really significant. If you’re scoffing right now, I challenge you to take another listen.


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