Some things I’ve always wanted…

December 5, 2008

There are several things I’ve always wanted.  I will detail them at a later time.  But one of them is to have my VERY OWN SONG.  A song written for me.  Ok, maybe not FOR me, but a song that is mine.  Naturally, that song would need to be in 5/4 time.

My immensely talented younger brother, who on top of being a compelling blogger and an ace medical student is also a wonderful musician, has recorded a heartbreaking rock opera, which he composed during his midyear break.  It will be released on Facebook soon.

And yes, you guessed it, one of his songs is for me.  In 5/4 time.


One comment

  1. Congratulations. I hope you know the classical 5/4 song Take Five, one never knows.

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