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December 5, 2008
Happily Ever After?

Happily Ever After?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about a lot of things.  Mainly, about notions of hope and faith in things working out.

I’m tired of my peers saying that “things always work out for the best”.  Take a single look at the world, and you know that isn’t always the case.  I think we in the west are so obsessed with our own happy endings that we cannot allow ourselves to fathom that it might not happen.

But over the last little while, I’ve realised something.  Peace doesn’t come from believing things will work out.  Peace comes from knowing you can accept things the way they are.  That things happen that are beyond your control.  That no amount of hoping changes something, and that you can really, really want something and never get it.

In spite of that, though, it will be alright.  Or it won’t.  You might die young.  You might catch a horrible disease.  You might lose someone who you love very dearly- in fact, chances are you will.

Maybe peace comes not from hope, but from acceptance.



  1. i think you’ve come a long way to reach this little point.
    give me the something something to accept the things i cannot change.

    i also think though, that peace can come from both acceptance AND contentment. not that many ppl are smart enough to ‘accept’. so acceptance and contentment gives more ppl in the world a chance to find peace.

    ps: team Giselle.

  2. […] sister posts on peace over at her blog. Ever the pedant, I must ask what it is that we mean when we say “I am at […]

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