Shanghai: Day 1

December 22, 2008

So, I’m here.  At last.  I’ve got to say, China has changed in the last five years.  It’s so much cleaner and quieter and less smelly.  It’s also more expensive, but part of the problem is that the Aussie dollar is quite weak.

Mum and I had a great day today doing lots of girly things.  We went shopping, got our nails done, then had facials.  I fell asleep during mine.  In Australia, when you get a facial, the price is directly linked to the products they use.  In China, they don’t use as many products, but the facial goes for over 2 hours.

I fell asleep during the first face mask.  Mum said I snored.

Then we came home.  It’s freezing here- about three degrees below zero at the moment (6pm), and the high for the day was only three above. While it’s not been very warm in Australia so far this year, it’s certainly a big difference.  I bought a lovely coat at the markets, because the Aussie one I bought just before I left wasn’t warm enough, and a couple of scarves.

For lunch, we bought a sweet potato from a little old man on the side of the street, which he was roasting on charcoal (I think.)  It was delicious, and served the dual functions of nutritional source and hand-warmer.


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