A column, not a blog.

January 14, 2009

Sam De Brito’s blog, All Men are Liars, was nominated for a 2008 Weblog award for Best Australian and New Zealand blog.  This is a travesty.  Not because De Brito’s blog is poor quality- in fact, he is a very fine writer.  But because All Men Are Liars is not a blog.

I know blogs are fairly new and really, blogging is a fluid concept.  But beside the fact it is hosted online and has a comments section, there is nothing blog-like about All Men Are Liars.  It is basically a regular column hosted digitally.  That is it.

I think a truly great blog should be frequent, but somewhat irregular.  It should be interactive.  It should combine long, thoughtful and well-though-out posts with half thoughts, comments and links.  It should be genuinely interactive.

Look at the other blogs nominated from around the globe: they are real blogs, not just columns on the websites of mainstream media organisations.  All Men Are Liars is NOT A BLOG.  It’s just yet another example of Australia’s poor internet and blogging culture.


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