Erin is not a naysayer, but she likes a song thus titled. She loves to read and quotes Eleanor Roosevelt a lot. She lives in a quiet nook in Sydney with Australia’s best fine wine store and fantastic Thai food just across the road.  She frequently spends three hours soaking in 50s’-movie-star-esque bubble baths. She has better taste in music than anyone I know, is an awesome cook and is a great evangelist for the things she loves – Lush products, Lululemon, Sufjan Stevens and Barack Obama. One day, she and I are going to jointly win the Man Booker Prize..

( by JodiMcA)

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  1. is new zealand better weather?

  2. Hi Erin, your profile and writings are interesting.
    I’m a new blogger and I need someone to give me a push-start. Do read my first attempt at blogging.

    The first post in this blog is mine. The second one is by a friend.

    Please tell me what you think about it and tell me some tips on how to improve it.

  3. […] also wrote my new bio for my “About Me” page, ’cause I hate writing about myself in third […]

  4. Yay!

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